Voyage of the Riftraker

by ThreeGhosts

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released March 6, 2013



all rights reserved


ThreeGhosts Seattle, Washington

I am a cellist, guitarist, pianist, and a writer.

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Track Name: 44.GH3
Captain's log, date 44.GH3. This is Arthur Gray, leader of exploration unit 904, and captain of the Riftraker. The crew and I have decided that our original course through the Tiliin solar system will be abandoned. The new route we are on should lead us into the unexplored Kweilar system. We plan to map this area, and search for any inhabitable planets. Supply is low and my men are weary, our search drags on us as the days pass. How did we end up on this God-forsaken piece of junk? Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever find anything out here. That is all. Godspeed.
Track Name: 76.HL9
Captain’s log, date 76.HL9. This is Arthur Gray, leader of exploration unit 904, and captain of the Riftraker. Our change of course to the Kweilar system has proven itself profitable. Yesterday at 0200 hours a small potentially inhabitable planet appeared on our radars. As of now we are in orbit over what the crew and I have decided to call Infinitus. This is what we have all been waiting for. In light of these events I have decided to read a passage from The Script of Uthuun.

Script of Uthuun page 676 line 2:

"And on those very first days they walked without cause, only to seek death with open arms. Uthul’tana did not see reason for this, thus he begged of the gods, 'Why? What is this meaningless journey you have set us on? Is this entertainment? Do you mock us?' Uthuun listened and he gave them the unimaginable, he gave them meaning. And for that, the only price ever taxed of man has been life and man will struggle with death and Uthuun to preserve it, to preserve this divine gift of the gods. For should man ever tread without meaning, he becomes one with death."